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Company description

JASS - a unique fashion accessory brand was born in Vietnam. This brand story originates from the founder's passion for fashion, creativity, and unique understanding of handicrafts. JASS's mission is to bring unique, new, high-quality accessories to the fashion industry, while demonstrating traditional handicrafts and indigenous culture of Vietnam.

The JASS brand is inspired by JAZZ music, representing freedom, creativity and independent thinking. This is the core value that JASS wishes to convey to everyone. Through the combination of art and fashion, JASS is always dedicated to giving every fashion enthusiast the opportunity to be creative and express their own personality.

JASS is steadfast in using the highest quality materials and technology, our design team meticulously selects materials and seeks inspiration from Vietnamese artisans. We combine traditional Vietnamese handicrafts and modern design, to create rich and unique fashion accessories. Each JASS product undergoes meticulous manufacturing and strict quality requirements, all with the goal of ensuring customers have the best product experience.

JASS's mission is to become a pioneering brand in the fashion accessories industry in Vietnam. We not only provide high quality products, but also dedicate ourselves to promoting traditional Vietnamese culture and handicrafts. We work together with local artisans and artists, support the development of their handicrafts, and incorporate their work into the design. Through such joint efforts, we hope to bring more trendy and creative options to the Vietnamese market.

Whether it is the creations of decorative motifs, the feel of materials or the sophistication of handicrafts, JASS always puts uniqueness and quality first. We believe that, wearing costumes with JASS accessories, each person can express their unique style and personality, thereby radiating the appeal of confidence and trendiness.

JASS is not just a fashion accessory, more than that, it is the crystallization of independent and artistic thoughts, we will add to your fashion journey endless inspiration and the difference between crowd.