What happens when lace collides with a suit?

The second quarter of 2022 has opened a chapter in April. However, COVID-19 is still rampaging and causing all kinds of troubles to all walks of life. We hope that the epidemic will end soon and everything will return to normal life. The epidemic is ruthless, but life still needs warmth. Spring is coming. Let's take a look at the different sparks between the lovely and beautiful lace and the suit!

[partial drawing of suit lace top]

Let's start with the top. The style and fabric are typical suit styles and fabrics. The slightly turned up cuffs and the rose printed silk lining exposed by the skirt when walking virtually weakened the tough feeling brought by the suit.

Besides the lower body, we can see from the drawcord at the head that it is a pair of sweatpants or skirt with suit fabric.

Black velvet suit + white eyelash lace edge, intellectual and feminine.

In most spring days at work, when you are too lazy to consider what to wear, the simple is LACE VEST + black suit, which is not old-fashioned and professional enough.

[black and white is always the most classic partner]

Lace skirt symbolizes women's romance and amorous feelings. No one can resist the gentle spring wind.